How to Estimate an Agile Project With User Stories

Estimating software projects is hard. Early on in the development process, you can’t precisely define the scope of a project. Because inevitably, the scope will change after development kicks off, since the team will have learned more about the project and its context by then. Still, teams have to

Prioritizing User Stories in Agile Projects

Software projects are surrounded by a high level of uncertainty. Even if developers or a consultant gives you a project estimate, until development begins, you won’t know exactly what resources you need to implement the user stories that you’ve planned for your next release.This, however, is certain:

How to Market Your Product Before Launch

I know many people who’ve created software products using this process:First they generate an idea, then they validate it, build the product, and then launch it…after launch, they start marketing.It’s straightforward, and it seems workable. But what I’ve found is that it benefits creators

Building Your Development Process Around GitHub

GitHub is a web-based hosting platform where you can host open-source projects and follow projects that you like and want to adopt. It uses Git, which is a distributed version-control system.Developers love the GitHub platform. Not only does it give them tools to simplify their work, GitHub gives team

Setting up analytics for your application

Analytics are all about the visibility. Without proper data, you won’t know how your users interact with your app and if they are happy or not. You need analytics to get answers to basic questions.

Release management in agile project

Once you have set up multiple environments for your application, it’s important to set up the proper release management process. It means that you should have a well-defined set of steps.