Streamline Your Design Process With Wireframing

At some point, working with paper prototypes becomes impractical. When that’s the case, you might want to create a digital low-fidelity prototype, also called a wireframe.

Using Personas to Create User-Centric Design

A persona is a fictional character that represents a typical user of your application. And it’s very detailed. It describes the background, context, tasks, and goals of a user.

How to Hire a Designer for Your Project

To build an application, you need an interface, and to create an interface, you need a designer.

Writing Good User Stories

Creating a user story is simple: first, you define a user role, an intended action, and a desired outcome. Then you arrange them in a sentence. And then…that’s it. Your user story is ready.

How to Estimate an Agile Project With User Stories

Estimating software projects is hard. Early on in the development process, you can’t precisely define the scope of a project. Because inevitably, the scope will change after development kicks off, since the team will have learned more about the project and its context by then.

Prioritizing User Stories in Agile Projects

Software projects are surrounded by a high level of uncertainty. Even if developers or a consultant gives you a project estimate, until development begins, you won’t know exactly what resources you need to implement the user stories that you’ve planned for your next release.