Setting up analytics for your application

Analytics are all about the visibility. Without proper data, you won’t know how your users interact with your app and if they are happy or not. You need analytics to get answers to basic questions.

Release management in agile project

Once you have set up multiple environments for your application, it’s important to set up the proper release management process. It means that you should have a well-defined set of steps.

Setting up multiple environments for your app

Continuous integration and testing of new features are at the heart of an agile software project. To implement them properly you need to set up environments for your app correctly.

Continous improvement and the feedback loop

You might think that once you kick off the development process, most of the work should be done by developers that you’ve hired. While that's true to some extent you still have to spend plenty of time road mapping, planning, and managing the process.

Managing the software project day to day

Compared to product management, project management is more tactical. It is as vital as keeping the strategic vision for your product. Even if your development team consists of only one person, you still need to make sure that all requirements are understood and deadlines are met.

Managing the product roadmap

Once you’ve completed the preparation steps and assembled your team, it’s time to start building your app. However, where do you start? In what order should you build everything that you’ve outlined in the spec document? To figure that out you need to create a roadmap.