Scope, build and launch your product

Learn how to create reliable and cost-effective development process

Build and launch your product

Learn how to create reliable and cost-effective development process

Learn from agile software development expert

My name is Alex Ponomarev, I'm a developer and entrepreneur. I've been building software for more than 15 years. I want to share what I know about software development so that non-technical founders who have domain expertise but lack technical skills can build products and make the world a better place.

Define the scope

Interview customers and create user stories and mockups to maximize developer productivity

Assemble the team

Find and hire a high-performing team to design and build the product for you

Build the product

Manage and lead your team to create the product your customers will love

Get feedback

Run alpha and beta tests and get customer feedback to iterate and improve your product

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Ways to budget agile projects

When you’re about to start new project lot of questions arise, but yet "how much it will cost?” is one of the most important ones. Typically, you would be concerned about how much time and money it will take to get the return on investment.

Why estimations are always wrong and how to deal with it

I read a fantastic book by Vasco Duarte called NoEstimates: How To Measure Project Progress Without Estimating. Estimating time & cost is always one of the main problems in software development, and I’d like to share some ideas I’ve learned from the book. If you like it, I

Concerns when hiring traditional development agency

If you are a non-technical founder and you want to build a web or mobile app you have only three options — learn to code and build it yourself, find a co-founder who will handle the technical side or hire people to build it for you for money.

Ideas and execution

All startups start with an Idea. An idea to change the world, to disrupt the industry, to change how people live and work and make their lives better. We tend to think that idea is everything, but unfortunately, that can’t be further from the truth.

Things to consider before building an app

An app or application is a computer program that serves a specific function. There are all sorts of apps ranging from small apps that run on your watches to full-blown desktop applications.

How to imporve team's performance by hiring a business analyst

Who is a business analyst?A business analyst is a person with strong analytical skills, who is well-versed in understanding business problems and finding solutions. He should be well-versed at describing them verbally, in writing and using various forms of illustration (process diagrams, UML charts, etc).A business analyst in