Scope, build and launch your product

Learn how to create reliable and cost-effective development process

Build and launch your product

Learn how to create reliable and cost-effective development process

Learn from agile software development expert

My name is Alex Ponomarev, I'm a developer and entrepreneur. I've been building software for more than 15 years. I want to share what I know about software development so that non-technical founders who have domain expertise but lack technical skills can build products and make the world a better place.

Define the scope

Interview customers and create user stories and mockups to maximize developer productivity

Assemble the team

Find and hire a high-performing team to design and build the product for you

Build the product

Manage and lead your team to create the product your customers will love

Get feedback

Run alpha and beta tests and get customer feedback to iterate and improve your product

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How to build your app: Part III

In a couple of previous posts, I wrote about preparing specs and mockups for your product (Part I) and hiring designers and developers (Part II). Once you have your product spec, design and team ready you can start the development process. This step is equally complicated as any of the

How to build your app as a non-technical founder: Part II

Yesterday I wrote about the preparation steps you need to take before you start looking for developers and building your app. Interviewing customers, creating user stories and wireframes are essential for any product. Going through these steps allow your idea to evolve from a vague, abstract concept to a thought-through

How to build your app: Part I

If you are a non-technical founder, the path from early-stage idea to a working product can be confusing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a clear and concise guide on how to build an app from start to finish. I tried to list all steps that are necessary from my

Ways to budget agile projects

When you’re about to start new project lot of questions arise, but yet "how much it will cost?” is one of the most important ones. Typically, you would be concerned about how much time and money it will take to get the return on investment.

Why estimations are always wrong and how to deal with it

I read a fantastic book by Vasco Duarte called NoEstimates: How To Measure Project Progress Without Estimating. Estimating time & cost is always one of the main problems in software development, and I’d like to share some ideas I’ve learned from the book. If you like it, I

Concerns when hiring traditional development agency

If you are a non-technical founder and you want to build a web or mobile app you have only three options — learn to code and build it yourself, find a co-founder who will handle the technical side or hire people to build it for you for money.