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How to improve development speed in a software project without sacrificing quality

Speed and quality are two conflicting factors of a software development project. The proper development process includes analysis, design, solid implementation and rigorous testing. Because of tight deadlines management is often willing to speed up or skip steps that are deemed less necessary entirely and trade delivering the best overall

Manage your scope to meet the deadline in agile project

One of the toughest subjects for every software project is when it’s going to be finished. With traditional waterfall approach plenty of time is spent on analysis and estimation, and still, most of the projects are not completed by the deadline. Estimations that were too off contribute to this

What does Kanban, Scrum, Agile and Waterfall mean

Agile practices are often thought of as silver bullets for wrong estimates, bugs, tasks overdue, global warming and other kinds of problems in software development. It is often compared to waterfall methodology, which is a more linear approach to developing software. Let’s get into the detail of these concepts

Project management vs product management

Project and product manager roles sound similar, but they are different. It causes a lot of confusion so let’s see what they are responsible for. In short, the product manager’s goal is to deliver the product that customers will love. Things like roadmap, features, and strategy are something

How to organise development process using Kanban board

Software development process that is transparent is essential for every team. Tasks and goals have to be clear both for developers and stakeholders. Everyone should know where the team is heading and what current priorities are. The good process saves a lot of time and alleviates pressure from the team.

Agile product development 101

Product development is tough. You have an endless number of features of different value, bug reports, performance issues, code debt and other important things that you have to take care. I’d like to talk about basic things that will make your development process smoother.Minimum Viable FeatureMVP is a