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How to Hire a Designer for Your Project

To build an application, you need an interface, and to create an interface, you need a designer.

Hiring remote developers to build your app

If you don’t know anything about programming then finding the right developer might be a problem. Most of the times you will try to use somebody from your network, but good developers are rarely available for work, so the chances are that everyone you know is busy already.

Hiring a UI Designer for your app

You probably have many things to take care of, and your funds are somewhat limited. Why bother hiring a designer? Unfortunately, the expectations of users are very high these days. They're used to products built by big teams that have smooth animations and cutting-edge graphics.

How to hire developers for a startup

If you’re a startup founder, project manager or development team lead then interviewing and hiring people is your responsibility. Getting wrong people on board can cost you time and money or even demoralize existing team members, so it’s important to make sure that new talent fits well. On

How to know if you need to hire junior, middle or senior developer?

There are three common developer qualification levels — junior, middle and senior. If you’re new to managing and hiring development teams you might be wondering what makes developer senior or junior. What level of job expertise or certifications should you expect? How do you decide how qualified should be next

How to hire a developer as a non-tech founder

I promised to write some tips about hiring a developer, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. I will focus on hiring a remote developer because that’s something I would do as a non-technical founder of a startup without a ton of cash who is