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How do you lead a development team without any technical expertise?

The incompetent managerAccording to Laurence Peter research made in 1969, every employee is promoted until she reaches her level of incompetence. In other words, if someone is good at their job they get promoted. If after promotion they are performing well and show skills and competence they are promoted again.

Managing the risk of indispensable employees

Imagine that your airplane is landing and something goes wrong with one of its hydraulic systems — a wing is not moving or landing gear is not operating correctly. It's a severe risk, and airplane designers implement fail-safe systems based on redundancy, duplicating or even triplicating most critical components to increase

How to be liked and respected as a leader

One of the most common questions people who just stepped into a manager’s role have is how do they know that team likes them. It’s usually not only about the other people liking you but also a sense of being respected and listened to. Here are few sings

Abundance and scarcity mindset

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a self-help business book written by Stephen Covey in 1989. I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about it and seen in the bookshops, as it’s quite popular — more than twenty-five million copies have been sold worldwide according to Wikipedia.

Pulling it off on your own as a solo founder

In theory, a co-founder doubles your skill set and productivity. As solo founders, we often feel the pressure from partners or investors who perceive us as a risky bet and advice us to find co-founders. Giving away half of the company to look legitimate in their eyes feels ridiculous, especially

Dealing with conflict in a development team

It’s hard to create a strong and professional team and lead it to success. But it’s even harder to keep everyone in the team from tearing each other apart and throwing to wolves, no matter how good people everyone is. People always have different opinions, and approaches and