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Why you need to create the spec document for your product

When I start talking about product specs, most people roll their eyes. A product spec is perceived as a large document that no one reads which takes forever to write. After all, we all want to be genuinely agile and start building the thing as soon as possible. I used

Writing user stories for your app

Software requirements is a very fragile structure and can be easily destroyed by the misuse of a written language. That’s why most of the lengthy requirements specification documents fail miserably.

How to imporve team's performance by hiring a business analyst

Who is a business analyst?A business analyst is a person with strong analytical skills, who is well-versed in understanding business problems and finding solutions. He should be well-versed at describing them verbally, in writing and using various forms of illustration (process diagrams, UML charts, etc). A business analyst in

Managing requirements in agile project

One of the most significant issues that comes up in every agile project is how the team works with documentation, especially with requirements. At the beginning of a project it might be hard to see how critical it is to have at least some sort of requirements written down as

How to quickly mock up UI of your app

Everything starts just from an idea in your head, and the quicker you can get it on paper the better. Mockups are usually much easier to create than written specs, especially if you are using the right tools. With tools listed below all, you have to do is assemble screens