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How to find out what you want to build

If you read The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank, you’re probably familiar with his idea of customer development. It’s entirely different from traditional product development approach used for decades.

How to build your app: Part IV

This is the fourth post in a series where I list steps involved to build your app, from idea to launch. Be sure to check other posts about interviewing customers and preparing the specs, hiring designers and developers and managing the product and the project during the development process. In

How to build your app as a non-technical founder: Part II

Yesterday I wrote about the preparation steps you need to take before you start looking for developers and building your app. Interviewing customers, creating user stories and wireframes are essential for any product. Going through these steps allow your idea to evolve from a vague, abstract concept to a thought-through

How to build your app: Part I

If you are a non-technical founder, the path from early-stage idea to a working product can be confusing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a clear and concise guide on how to build an app from start to finish. I tried to list all steps that are necessary from my

Things to consider before building an app

An app or application is a computer program that serves a specific function. There are all sorts of apps ranging from small apps that run on your watches to full-blown desktop applications.

Who are startup advisors

An advisory board is a group of talented people who provide your company with professional help and guidance to help you grow. Advisors use their expertise and network to help you make the right decisions and solve issues that arise. Think of it as a formal collection of mentors that