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Effective communication with designers

As a manager, you might struggle to communicate the vision you have in your head with a designer. It might look like designers come from another planet but they are humans too, and it takes years of study to understand the basics of good design and then some more years

How do you lead a development team without any technical expertise?

The incompetent managerAccording to Laurence Peter research made in 1969, every employee is promoted until she reaches her level of incompetence. In other words, if someone is good at their job they get promoted. If after promotion they are performing well and show skills and competence they are promoted again.

Managing the risk of indispensable employees

Imagine that your airplane is landing and something goes wrong with one of its hydraulic systems — a wing is not moving or landing gear is not operating correctly. It's a severe risk, and airplane designers implement fail-safe systems based on redundancy, duplicating or even triplicating most critical components to increase

Tips for better communication between designers and developers

Creating an outstanding user experience requires an incredible amount of hard work and skills. Moreover, a coordinated effort of the whole team is the only way to deliver the application that feels like a finished product. Developers and designers need to collaborate to accomplish the project. Working together is essential

Dealing with conflict in a development team

It’s hard to create a strong and professional team and lead it to success. But it’s even harder to keep everyone in the team from tearing each other apart and throwing to wolves, no matter how good people everyone is. People always have different opinions, and approaches and

How to effectively communicate with developers and manage them

If you ever worked with a development team or a single developer, the chances are that you’ve probably noticed how hard it may be to get what you want. Something always seems to be misunderstood or missed — either it’s a deadline or a little detail that changes the