tag: Agile project management

Managing the software project day to day

Compared to product management, project management is more tactical. It is as vital as keeping the strategic vision for your product. Even if your development team consists of only one person, you still need to make sure that all requirements are understood and deadlines are met.

Managing the product roadmap

Once you’ve completed the preparation steps and assembled your team, it’s time to start building your app. However, where do you start? In what order should you build everything that you’ve outlined in the spec document? To figure that out you need to create a roadmap.

Writing user stories for your app

Software requirements is a very fragile structure and can be easily destroyed by the misuse of a written language. That’s why most of the lengthy requirements specification documents fail miserably.

How to build your app: Part III

In a couple of previous posts, I wrote about preparing specs and mockups for your product (Part I) and hiring designers and developers (Part II). Once you have your product spec, design and team ready you can start the development process. This step is equally complicated as any of the

Why estimations are always wrong and how to deal with it

I read a fantastic book by Vasco Duarte called NoEstimates: How To Measure Project Progress Without Estimating. Estimating time & cost is always one of the main problems in software development, and I’d like to share some ideas I’ve learned from the book. If you like it, I

Bugs in software and what we can do about it

The only way to create software that has fewer bugs is to cut off the functionality and implement an absolute minimum and then spend an enormous amount of time testing and perfecting it. That’s rarely the case for a project that aims for commercial success. New releases of every